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1. Practice!

Do you start with Injustice 2? Very good, a little detour through the menu Training is required. It is the ideal solution to get acquainted with the specificities of the game and avoid being re-energized before you can even understand anything. The Tutorial mode will allow you to discover the combat mechanics of the game by presenting you the bases in stages. Small Tip: Traditional Training mode will allow you to exercise by displaying the manipulations of the special shots in overprinting during the fighting.

2.The Juggle

As in Mortal Kombat, the combinations of Injustice 2 are based on juggles, a kind of juggling that keeps the opponent in the air while you chain the blows. The juggles are therefore the most frequent starting point of the most devastating combos. Fortunately, all the characters have a powerful blow allowing them to send their opponent to the other end of the screen to make it bounce (← + Hit Fort ). Note incidentally that this special move also allows activating the level transitions (see section Control your environment).

3. The EX powers

In Injustice 2, the Super bar allows among other things to modify the special moves by transforming them into more powerful EX powers. Simply press RT on Xbox or R2 on PS4 after manipulation to change the characteristics of the special shot. Be careful, the timing differs slightly from one shot to the next and some training may be required before you master this technique to perfection.

4. Control your environment

A good knowledge of the levels of Injustice 2 will often make the difference between a victory and a stinging defeat. Before you start fighting against your boyfriends, take time to observe the elements of the scene: each arena has interactive objects that can be used to your advantage. Whether it is a helicopter, a giant robot, or the Bat Signal projector, your character will surely bounce on it or send his opponent into it according to his class (see section Select your character ). Ideal for extending or starting combos. You can also activate the level transitions by exploding the boundaries of the arena.

5. Choose your character

The characters of Injustice 2 are divided into several classes corresponding to different types of powers, attacks, and movements. Each class reacts differently to the interactive elements of the arenas and learning to recognize the type of each character makes it possible to use the environment wisely and ... to avoid the nasty surprises! For example, Batman will only bounce on the heaviest objects when Bane can smash them on his enemies. Power characters are slow and have devastating melee attacks (Grundy, Bane, DoomsDay, etc.), Gadget characters are faster and have jet weapons to keep their opponents at bay Joker, Deathstroke, Batman, etc.). The Circle key on PS3 or B on Xbox is associated with the specific skills of the characters: for example, it allows you to switch between the lasso and the sword of Wonder Woman, to launch Batman bat or to slow down time with Flash. A good knowledge of these particularities can make the difference in difficult times. We will never repeat it enough, practice! A good knowledge of these particularities can make the difference in difficult times. We will never repeat it enough, practice! A good knowledge of these particularities can make the difference in difficult times. We will never repeat it enough, practice!

6. Do not overdo it

There are no rounds strictly speaking of Injustice 2. The characters have two separate bars of life. Caution: the excess damage inflicted on the first bar (gray) is not reflected on the second bar (red). No need to waste a Super while two slaps would have been enough to overwhelm your opponent!

7. Defense!

Injustice 2 moved away from Mortal Kombat by adopting a different system of protection. Rather than just pressing a button, it will now be necessary to maintain a direction similar to that of the Street Fighter series. But there's more! If an opponent comes to block you in a corner, know that you can always push him back using Push Blocking: Press RT on Xbox or R2 on PS3 while you block to burn a Super bar and push your enemy away from you.

8. Stop jumping!

The players of the professional circuit are formal: in Injustice 2, the abuse of jumps seriously damages health! Some characters have very powerful shots specially designed to punish players who have repeated bounds (Green Arrow, Batman or Cyborg for example). Finally, too many jumps expose you to attacks against formidable and leave you defenseless. Prefer a measured approach to the cow floor using the front Dash (→→).

9. Understanding the Duels

In Injustice 2, the Duels allow interrupting the sequences of your opponents. Press → + RT on Xbox or R2 on PS3 to stop your antagonist's combo and cause a duel to earn a health supplement (up to 33% extra life). You can bet up to four sections of your Super Bar. And if you win a duel you did not cause, you will deal additional damage to your opponent. Sympa not? Be careful, this manipulation is only available after having started the second life bar (red).

10. Stay in fashion!

Beyond their fighting skills and their unparalleled bravery, superheroes owe much of their fame to their improbable look! If it is possible to unlock many alternative costumes using the armory passes obtained in the game, some of the Injustice 2 liveries can only be unlocked by fulfilling very special conditions. This is how to humiliate your enemies with class!

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Injustice 2 Hack


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How to unlock costume variants for free:

• Play the free game Injustice 2 on mobile to buy costumes with points earned on
 and so to unlock them in the game Injustice: the gods are among us on the console. The synchronization between the two versions is done by logging into your Warner Bros account (WBID) on both games: here is the hack for Injustice 2 particularly useful and free!

The costumes to unlock for the console game are:
– Knightfall Bane Costume: Rate the mobile game Injustice via the game menu to unlock.
– Batman Beyond Costume: Get a character card
– The New 52 Green Lantern Costumes: Complete a bonus battle in the Injustice mobile game.
– Arkham Harley Quinn Costume: Get a character card Joker.
– Yellow Lantern Costume: Win a ranked online game as Green Lantern.
– Boss Grundy Costume: Do a classic fight entirely.
– Godfall Superman Costume: Unlocked by finishing the Game History Mode once.
– Flash Suit: Log in to a Warner Bros account on the console version.
– Costume Nightwing: Unlocked by reaching level 30. Shazam Costume: Complete all Shazam STAR Labs missions.
– Kryptonite Lex Costume: Complete all STAR Labs missions.
– Elseworld Flash Costume: Complete all STAR Labs missions with 3 Stars.
– Regime and Insurgency costumes for each character: Unlock them by spending access cards earned in level.

Apparently, there are many more character costumes that you can unlock through the game and thus hack fore  Injustice 2 to unlock the costumes. By fully finishing the game modes, you will be able to gather experience points to buy alternative costumes. Get Information for NBA Live Mobile Hack Tools.